Sesquicentennial events

August 1862 & 2012

Northern VA

Then: Disappointed at the result of the Peninsula Campaign, Lincoln formed a new army under Gen. John Pope to protect Washington and operate against the Confederates. Lee sent Stonewall Jackson northwest to confront elements of Pope's army, which he did at Cedar Mountain Aug 9. Following a couple of weeks that saw opponents staring at each other across the Rappahannock River, Lee sent Jackson on a looping march to cut Pope's supply lines at Manassas and Bristoe Station. Lee followed through Thoroughfare Gap. The Confederate wings reunited for a big victory in the second Battle of Manassas.

2012: A two-day bus tour is offered of Northern Virginia and Maryland Campaign sites is offered Aug 4–5.

KY Campaign

Then: As Lee moved north in Virginia, another group of Confederates were headed the same direction in Tennessee and Kentucy. Gens. Braxton Bragg and Kirby Smith hoped to steal a march around the flank of Union forces and take a Confederate army to the Ohio River. The Confederates met with early success in Richmond and Munfordville (KY) and won the field at Perryville (KY) Oct 8. But overwhelming Union strength in the area forced Bragg to withdraw to Tennessee.

2012: Parts of the battlefields at Richmond (Aug 29–30) and Munfordville (Sept 14–17) have been preserved and are open to visitors. The Perryville battlefield is now a Kentucky state historic site and offers a museum/visitor center and tours of the battlefield.

See anniversary commemorations below.

150Aug 2, 1862 – Skirmish at Orange (VA)

Then: Cavalry screening both infantry columns clashed in Orange’s narrow downtown streets. The Union troopers eventually pushed the Confederates out of town while learning that Jackson was on his way.

2012: Living history camps and demonstrations are scheduled Aug. 2 in downtown Orange 10:30 am–1:30 pm.

Aug 6, 1862 – Battle of Kirksville (MO)

Then: Union troops defeated and scattered a Confederate force under Col. Joseph C. Porter here helping to solidify Union control of northeastern Missouri.

2012: A reenactment and living history weekend at the Kirksville Rotary Park Aug. 3-5 commemorates the event.

150Aug 9, 1862 – Battle of Cedar Mountain (VA)

Then: Stonewall Jackson's troops, marching north to face a new Union offensive under Gen. John Pope, were initially pushed back in the shadow of Cedar Mountain south of Culpeper. Jackson personally rallied his troops and ordered a successful counterattack.

2012: An interpreted walking trail is maintained by the Civil War Trust. Website:

A special program on the battlefield is scheduled for 8 pm on Aug 9. Website:

Related "Luncheon with Dr. James Robertson," with Cedar Mountain talk, at the Inn at Kelly's Ford 12:30 pm on Aug 4.

Related living history walking tour scheduled in downtown Culpeper 10 am–4 pm on Aug 11.

150Aug 27, 1862 – Battle of Kettle Run (VA)

Then: On Aug 27, while Confederates plundered Union supplies located at nearby Manassas Junction, the Southern rear-guard in and around Bristoe Station held off a Union division for a day.

2012: Free guided anniversary walking tours are planned on the battlefield (Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park near Manassas) Aug 25–26. Luminary Aug 25.

150Aug 28, 1862 – Battle of Thoroughfare Gap

Then: Confederate victory here allowed Gen. James Longstreet's wing to join with Jackson's wing already in Manassas and foreshadowed a Southern victory at the battle that followed.

2012: Civil War Trails signs. The ruins of Chapman's Mill, a battlefield landmark, are the site of frequent living history programs.

Anniversary activities, living history and tours planned at Chapman's Mill Aug 25-26.

150Aug 28–30, 1862 – Battle of Second Manassas/Bull Run (VA)

1862: Fought on virtually the same ground as the famous First Battle, the Second Battle was a much bloodier contest resulting in another major Confederate victory.

2012: The landmarks on the battlefield are preserved in the Manassas National Battlefield Park.

The Manassas National Battlefield Park plans anniversary-oriented living history weekends with ranger tours Aug 24–26 and Sept 1–2. Special ranger-led tours are planned on the anniversary dates, Aug 28–30.
Complete schedule:

The battle is remembered in Old Town Manassas with special tours and living history Aug. 24-26. Bonfires Friday and Saturday evenings represent Stonewall Jackson's burning of the Union supply depot here. Civil War Ball Saturday night.

Commemoration of nurse Clara Barton's visit to Fairfax Station. She arrived after the battle at Manasas, but commemoration with living history is the weekend before, Aug 24-25.


150Aug 29–30, 1862 – Battle of Richmond (KY)

1862: Decisive Confederate victory here as Gen. Kirby Smith moved north into Kentucky. More than 4,300 Federal prisoners were taken as the Confederates opened the road north.

2012: A driving tour including preserved portions of the battlefield and other significant sites is offered. Begin at the visitor center.
Anniversary reenactment of the battle is scheduled Aug 25–26.

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