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Battle of South Mountain

Driving Directions

(Driving directions also available as MS Word and PDF)

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Stop 1: Pleasant Valley
Tour begins at Brownsville Church of the Bretheran, 1911 Rohersville Road, Brownsville MD 21715.

Stop 2: Burkittsville
Turn north (right) on Route 67 (Rohersville Road) then right on Gapland Road. Drive past the Correspondent's Arch and continue down the mountain to Burkittsville. Continue past Route 17 and park in the parking lot between the two churches on the left. Walk to the cemetery as indicated in the tour narration.

Stop 3: Crampton's Gap
Retrace your steps back up the mountain on Gapland Road to parking area near the Correspondent's Arch in Crampton's Gap.

Stop 4: Fox's Gap
Continue retracing your route back to Route 67 then north (right) to Reno Monument Road. Turn east (right) to the parking area near the Reno Monument in Fox's Gap.

Stop 5: North Carolina Monument
Walk south down the asphalt road to the North Carolina monument.

Stop 6: Turner's Gap
Return to the Reno Monument parking area, then return to Route 67. Turn north (right) to Alternate Route 40 (Old National Road). Turn right to South Mountain Inn parking area in Turner's Gap. Walk as indicated in the tour narration.

Stop 7: Iron Brigade
Use extra caution here and drive slowly. Turn east (right) from the parking area, continue down the slope on Alternate 40 about a mile. See Fox Gap Road on the right. Immediately to the left at that intersection is a wide shoulder. Park there. Follow walking instructions in the narration.

Stop 8: Attack on Union Right
Continue east on Route 40 to Mt. Tabor Road. Turn left. Continue to Frostown Road, then left on Frostown. Continue on Frostown Road (care to bear right at Dahlgren Road). Continue about 0.5 miles. Carefully park on right side of road.

Stop 9: Boonsboro
Retrace your route back to Alternate 40 then west (right). Continue to Boonsboro, turn left on Route 34 to the Washington County Library (401 Potomac St, Boonsboro) on the right then park toward the back of the parking lot with view of the mountain gap.

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