4 Things To Do While In La Union

Located two hundred seventy kilometers (270 KM) north of Manila, it hails the land of surfing, La Union, in Ilocos. On the west, the West Philippine Sea shoreline borders it and helps make it quite the popular beach location for local travelers and weekend warriors who want a quick and fun weekend getaway that’s not too far from the metro. \

The beaches of Barangay Urbiztondo in San Juan are one of the tourist spots in La Union and one of La Union’s crowning glories. However, there is more than meets the eye than surfing!

Cliff Diving At Tangadan Falls

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San Juan La Union hotels may be around, but you must take a break, too! Tangadan Falls is located in San Gabriel and is only an easy day trip from San Juan. Moreover, it has a spacious plunge pool that is perfect for swimming. A bamboo raft and a fabulous waterfalls-by massage are available in the main cascade. There are two smaller nearby waterfalls; these waterfalls are used for cliff diving. One is on the upper level, upstream, and the other is farther downstream.

You can get a jeep bound for San Gabriel (PHP19 fare per person) first to reach Tangadan Falls. Afterward, you drop off at the town proper and get a tricycle to the jump-off point.

For a visit to Tangadan Falls, you must pay the entrance fee and a local guide. The entrance fee is PHP30 per person, while the guide costs PHP500 for one to three people (1-3). Don’t forget to keep safe! Fortunately, life jackets are for rent at PHP50 apiece.

Hike At Arosip Ecotrail

La Union has more than pristine beaches. It also boasts excellent hiking destinations, with the Arosip Ecotrail! The Arosip Ecotrail is located in Bacnotan. The trek is as far as 6.5 kilometers long, and along the way, you’ll be greeted by several falls. The falls include Zim-sim-ug Twin Falls, Padtok Falls, and Tekdag-Aso Falls.

The journey to Arosip Ecotrail begins at the Bacnotan town market. From there, grab a trike headed to Brgy. Arosip and then get registered at the barangay hall. We also recommend you get a local guide here to assist you on your journey.

Go To Bahay Na Bato

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Head north to Luna and check out Bahay Na Bato, the latest tourist attraction in the province! True to its name, Bahay Na Bato was made using the stones from Luna’s rare pebbled beaches. The rest of the house resides on a tranquil property owned by Dr. Edison and Dr. Purita Chan-Noble. Korean artist Bong Kim created plenty of exciting stone and wooden sculptures there. The place’s feel may remind you of the Black Houses in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Visit Luna Church And Baluarte

Visit Luna’s remaining historical sites! The St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish is built near the town plaza in the proper fashion of Spanish colonial architecture. The Shrine was built in 1690 and remains one of the grandest churches in the province. It is included in the National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines.

The Luna Baluarte/Watchtower can be found on a pebbled beach a hundred meters away. It has now been restored.

Wrapping Up

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There are many beautiful things to do while you’re in La Union! All in all, the province has so much to offer than just the beaches. Whether visiting historic sites or cliff-diving, there is something for everyone!