The Battle of Cedar Creek – Multimedia Civil War Podcast

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New Audio: Battle of Cedar Creek (Virginia)

Battle of Cedar Creek Map

In the fall of 1864 Gen. Philip Sheridan’s Union army appeared to have Southern forces in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley at bay. But Gen. Jubal Early’s Confederates weren’t dead yet.

On Oct. 19, Early attacked Sheridan’s unsuspecting army as it camped around Cedar Creek, just north of Strasburg. Initially routed, Sheridan’s troops faced disaster until their commander’s dramatic appearance on the battlefield, resulting in one of the great reversals of fortunes on any battlefield during the war.

This driving tour begins at the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation visitor center, 8437 Valley Pike, Middletown VA 22645.

Notes: It’s very important to download and print out both the tour map and the driving directions (see below) because no signs mark the route and no driving directions are given in the audio.

Many of the roads used in this tour are rural. Please be cautious and respect private property.
10-stop driving tour

Narration: Eric Campbell, NPS
Introduction: John Fieseler
Music: Music: Wayne Erbsen (Native Ground Music)
Production: and the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park
Playing time: 41:38 minutes
File size: 10.8MB