Civil War Trails Maps – Podcast Tour Maps

  • Request printed maps, using THIS FORM, which include Civil War Trails maps.
  • Regional maps and more are available from Virginia regional resources.

The maps listed below require Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe). They are large. To read them on your computer screen, you will need to use the magnification tool from within Acrobat Reader. To print an enlargement of a small portion, try using a “screen capture” application.

The 1864 Attack on Washington

West Virginia Civil War Trails

Tennessee Civil War Trails

Virginia Civil War Trails

Virginia/Maryland Civil War Trails combined states [Revised September 2013]

  • Map Side [3.1MB] 36×18 inches, with 12 city insets.
  • Narrative Side [1.4MB] 36×18 inches, 5 campaign maps, timeline, photos, synopses, and more.

North Carolina Civil War Trails

Maryland Civil War Trails

MissourGrayGhosti Civil War Trails

Civil War Preservation Trust maps


Great maps of major battlefields and significant pieces of battlefields, most of which have been targets for preservation by CWPT.

Animated maps for the Cedar Creek, Chantilly, Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg (VA); Bentonville (NC); and Franklin (TN) are highlights and make the battles come to life.

Other Civil War Tour Maps



Podcast Tour Maps

  • These maps require Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe).


North Carolina


West Virginia


National Park Service Maps


The maps listed below require Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe).

Interactive Maps

Printed State Highway Maps

The following state Departments of Transportation and/or Tourism offer free highway maps that you can request online.

East West West of the Mississippi
Virginia Georgia Arkansas
Maryland Kentucky Kansas
Pennsylvania Illinois New Mexico
West Virginia Indiana Oklahoma
North Carolina Ohio Texas